Our Substantive Value Proposition

We are delivering sustained growth to become a consistent and predictable value generator. We are embarking on a journey of business transformation and resting on our sound financial strategy to anchor healthy growth strategy.

Our Value Proposition

  • Giving the highest importance to safety, environment and health
  • Continuing our legacy of ethical business practices
  • Ensuring pride in our own performance by being agile, innovative and responsive

Our Core Values


Driving not just product ideas, but also innovation in terms of processes, thus maximising growth.


Where the vision becomes not just the company, but the individual goal as well.


Towards customers and all other stakeholders, and employees.


Change is constant. Agility equips the organisation to respond rapidly to a dynamic world.

Performance Driven

Rewarding performance across verticals, thereby setting examples of leadership.

We continue to drive our strategies through a key focus on introducing new products, expanding our footprint in high-value intermediates, dynamically improving production capacity and ensuring value-based pricing. We continue our investments in strengthening our infrastructure, systems and processes and fortifying our product portfolio to drive greater efficiencies.